Say cheese!

March 21, 2012

Who you pick to photograph your wedding is important. You'll be showing off that wedding album for years to come (Facebook, new friends, kids, grandkids). So we have some tips on how to pick the right photographer as well as making sure the photos turn out beautiful!

1. When you're meeting with potential photographers ask to see photos from 5 or 6 weddings, including photos from the last wedding they did. Photographers typically only show off their best work.

2. The rule is typically 1 photographer per 100 guests. If you're going with just 1 see if they have an assistant (different from a second photographer) who can help set up shots and handle equipment.

3. Picking out the right wedding package can be overwhelming. Try to pick out the one that has the most of what you want (do you really want 100 wallet-sized photos?). You can always order more. Most photographers these days give you a CD so if you want to order more from Walmart you can.

4. Things to include in your contract:

To have and to hold.... What's my line?

March 14, 2012

Of the many details that go in to planning a wedding, one of the most overlooked is the writing of the vows. Couples tend to wait until the last minute which usually results in telling the officiant to just use some traditional vows. Your vows should reflect the two of you and your relationship. Using the traditional vows off the Internet is fine, but what you say to one another should be more than just words. Think about sitting down with your officiant and talking about what matters most to the two of you. Faith, love, commitment, trust--all important and personal to each couple. If you don't have an officiant yet, take time as a couple to discuss how you want your vows to relfect the two of you then pick an officiant who will best honor your wishes.

Also you can consider incorporating your parents or even all the guests in to your vows. Have your officiant ask if your parents will support and encourage you. Face your guests and position your officiant with his back to them so they can see your faces. You might even consider having the groom wear a wireless mic that will pick up everything the two of you say.


March 07, 2012

Last week we talked about having alcohol at your reception so it's only right that we now talk about the food. There are a few things you need to think about before you decide what to serve at your reception such as which dining option is right for you. You'll need to decide when and where you are getting married. Think about what food will be in season and easy to access. Such as having a wedding in Oklahoma in January and wanting king-crab legs. Think about having food from farmers markets, and Oklahoma is known for having several good wineries that would be happy to cater to your reception to show off their product.