You're engaged!! what?

November 22, 2011

He's popped the question, you've said yes, and now everyone has questions: have you set a date? where's the reception? who's catering? where are you getting your dress? Chances are you don't have the answers to half of the questions being thrown at you, and that's ok! Below is a timeline to help you keep you oganized and, more importantly, to help ease the stress of all the planning.

15 to 9 months before (depends on how long of an engagement you're having):
  • Start a wedding folder. Put everything and anything that inspires you in here from pictures of dresses and cakes to scraps of fabric.
  • Work out a budget. It's so important to know who's paying for what and how much everyone is contributing so you can know where to distribute funds (bigger dress and less food or more food and a less elaborate dress?)
  • Decide who is going to be a part of your wedding party. Do you want an even number on both sides? Is his mom pressuring you to include his two female cousins? Decide who's in and who's out, and maybe figure a way to nicely tell your new mom-in-law that you're having your sorority sisters stand by you and not cousins that you've never met.
  • Come up with a head count. Make lists of who's invited from both sides (get addresses). Remember that only 50-70% of invited guests will actually attend.
  • Finalize a date and a venue. Are you having the ceremony and reception at the same place?
  • Find an officiant. His uncle? your grandpa? your pastor? Make sure they know what's expected of them and that they tell you what they expect. (Will they be doing your pre-marital counseling?)
  • Start researching photographers, music, florists, and caterers.
  • Throw an engagement party! Enjoy this time with friends and family whether it's at a restaurant or someone's house and have some fun.

Protecting Your Skin This Winter

November 07, 2011

Winter in Oklahoma brings cooler temps and harsh winds, and while we might remember to bring a jacket and maybe even a scarf the skin that's still left uncovered suffers. If you're a bride you know how important your hands are: everyone wants to see your ring, but you don't want to show it off if your hands are red and dry and your nails are brittle and cracked. So how do you keep your hands look soft and picture ready? Moisturize! Keep a thick hand cream in your purse to lather on after every hand washing. Make sure to rub the lotion into your cuticles, stimulating healthy nail growth. You can also put cuticle oil (or olive oil) on your cuticles at night then slip your hands into thin cotton gloves so the oil can work its magic overnight.