How to Start Planning

March 15, 2014

Are you recently engaged and feeling overwhelmed by the wedding planning process, unsure where to start? Since we've been in the business for a while we know number one that you're not alone and that number two there is an easy way to dive into planning the wedding of your dreams no matter what kind of wedding you have in mind. Here's a suggested outline on where to begin and where to go next.

1. Pick the venue
The venue will help set the theme and style of the wedding. If you like natural lighting you can't expect to have a wedding in a hotel ballroom. If you want a black and white palette you can't have a venue with brown carpet. (That's why we used neutral colors in our design so you'd have a great base to coordinate with every color scheme.)

2. Decide on a theme
A cohesive inspiration board is key to helping you have a clear focus. If your Pinterest reflects all of your interests from Disney princess to outdoorsy to modern chic you'll need to narrow it down so everything flows together.

3. Describe your wedding in one word
What do you want people to say about your wedding days, months, and even years later? Did it have a romantic feel? Was it fun and relaxed? Also think how you want to describe to your vendors what the feel of your wedding is. If you don't know they certainly won't know what direction to take you with their creativity.

4. Choose your wedding colors
Now you can choose your wedding colors. You need to know what looks good at the venue, you need to know what color(s) will look good on your girls, and you need to make sure these colors portray your personality. If your favorite colors are neons don't plan a wedding with pastels and vice versa.

5. Wedding dress shopping
When you go to the bridal salon share all your ideas with the dress consultant. It will give them an idea of what kinds of dress will work best with your wedding. Lace and modern don't usually go as well as lace and vintage or bohemian.

6. Pick accessories/decor
you know your theme, you know your colors, and you know what dress you'll be wearing down the aisle so you can now pick centerpieces, bouquets, food, cake, and everything in between. Don't forget to be cohesive and true to your style.

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