The Ultimate Budget Wedding

September 07, 2013

What would you say if we told you a couple in Scotland had a wedding and reception for $1.56? Yes, that decimal is in the right place. According to a recent article on Yahoo! that $1.56 was spent on the bride's dress she found at Their ceremony and reception were held on their property with all natural flowers and bales of hay, guests brought food and drink for a potluck dinner, and the bride's aunt made their cake. Want to try and have your wedding on the same budget? Here are some tips and ways to make it happen.
1. The dress--This is an easy one. Wear your mom's, grandma's, or a friend's. Think it's outdated? Ask your seamstress friend or teach yourself to sew and make some updates to the dress.
2. The rings--The bride made the couple's rings which isn't a talent we all possess. Check out Etsy for one of a kind homemade rings. Titanium rings look just as real but cost much less than pure gold or silver.
3. Flowers--We've suggested this before: larger, fluffier flowers like hydrangeas require less stems to fill a vase while daisies and calla lilies require more stems and are more costly to fill a vase.
4. Venue--Of course we suggest that you book us for your wedding reception because we are all-inclusive which saves you time and money, but if you're looking for something outdoors a friend with a large backyard or lots of land comes in handy. You too can use hay bales for seats or provide blankets for guests for a true picnic experience.
5. Food--A potluck dinner could be fun if you're having a small, intimate wedding with friends and family who don't mind bringing their own food, but you can also find inexpensive hors d'oeuvres to serve guests. This is less hassle for your guests and less worry for you wondering what people will bring and if there will be enough for everyone. Need suggestions on what foods to buy and how to put them together on trays? Give us a call and we'll schedule a time to sit down and discuss details.
6. Cake--None of your friends or family bake? Have your favorite bakery make a smaller cake then have sheet cakes made and pre-cut so when the fancy cake runs out there are still plenty of slices for guests. If they're all the same flavor no one will know the difference.

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