Engagement pics

July 24, 2012

There is at least one friend who posted their engagement pictures on Facebook, and you were in shock over how gorgeous they turned out. Now it's your turn to start thinking about your own engagement pictures, and you're ransacking your closet (and his) to find something perfect so you too can be the envy of girls on Facebook.

Here are a few tips we've gathered from looking at our own friends' pictures and separating what worked from what didn't:
  1. Pick out colors that go well together. Your outfits don't have to be matchy-matchy (two black shirts with jeans and black Converse...snooze), but if they look well together in person then they'll look well together in photos. (Still worried? Ask your fashion major friend or ask your artistic cousin to come over and help coordinate.)
  2. Don't be afraid of bold, bright colors. Black is slimming and safe, but it tends to be drab in photos. If you want something safer think about a pink top and have him neutrals (gray or tan). I have also seen a few where couples have worn white (she's in a white dress and he's in a white shirt with jeans or khakis), but white can be just as drab as black so be careful.
  3. If you're having someone do your makeup on your wedding day, have this day set up as a practice session. You'll want extra makeup on anyway, and makeup artists are trained to understand good lighting and help bring out your natural beauty for photos.
  4. Have a cute dress but it's covered in tiny sailboats? Why not wear it and have your photo shoot down by the lake? Print can be just as fun as the bold colors, but make sure it's the right kind of print for your body shape. To balance out the patteren have your man in something solid.
  5. Going with the sailboat dress and having it by the lake is called having a "theme." It's cute and will help your photos looked planned and well-thought out; last thing you want is for friends to look at your photos and "disaster" is the first word that pops to mind.
  6. Options! What girl doesn't like a few options? Bring at least one other outfit, if not two or three, to show your photographer and get his/her opinion on set before changing.
  7. Have fun with accessories. Pick ultra-feminine options to soften a casual look, and again, try out bright colors. I have seen couples get away with minimalistic shoots, wearing white and no jewelry, but, again, that can be a risk.
  8. Try out some layers. Put a cardigan or a blazer over that dress. Have him wear a button-up under a sweater.
  9. Above all, wear something you like! Don't try to be someone you're not and don't try to stick your fiancé in a suit if he prefers jeans and t-shirts. People viewing your photos will be able to tell you're uncomfortable, and you'll have these around forever so you want them to look good and reflect who the two of you really are.

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