Packing for the Honeymoon

July 24, 2012

If you're planning on leaving for your honeymoon soon after the wedding, packing might be the last thing on your mind. So there you are the morning of your flight, throwing as many clothes, shoes, and necessities will fit in your suitcase, leaving you stressed and struggling to pull the zipper shut. Because we hate the thought of you stressing out more than is necessary (stress-free is our motto!), here are some great tips to make packing for your trip easier.
  • Pack three tops for every bottom. It's easier to wear skirts and pants more than once, and when you change your shirt no one will really notice.
  • Stick to a certain color scheme so everything can easily be mixed and matched. Have a few neutral shades and then throw in some fun darker shades. Darker colors hide stains (you might not have time to go back to the hotel to change after spilling BBQ on your shirt) and can easily be worn from day to night.
  • As for shoes--don't grimace; it's not as bad you think!--you should pack three pairs: sneakers (for random hikes, all-day sightseeing, etc.), flats or sandals (are you going to Colorado or Hawaii?), and heels or wedges (wedges are more versatile and comfortable, but heels are more formal). Again, stick with neutral colors and black; they'll go with everything!
  • Try to avoid bulky clothes; (obviously) they take up more room. If you're going somewhere chilly or with tempermental weather, bring clothes you can layer: tanks, tees, cardigans, thin sweaters.
  • Bring versatile items. Tanks that look well with jeans and skirts so they can be worn all day (or multiple days).
  • Adding fun accessories will also help change up your outfit (for those of you worried about being "outfit repeaters"). They'll draw everyone's attention away from your clothes and will make your outfit look fresh.
  • Think about how each clothing item will hold up. Is this blouse going to come out of the suitcase crinkled after a five hour flight? Just in case you can always bring a travel-size Downy wrinkle-release spray.
Now we need to figure out how we're folding all this stuff. The rolling concept is awesome if you're trying to fit everything into a carry-on bag ($50 to check a bag?! That's dinner for two!).
  • lay the shirt facedown and flat
  • fold each sleeve across the front so arms make an X and the shirt is now a rectangle
  • fold the shirt vertically (hot dog-style, anyone?) and smooth out the wrinkles
  • roll tightly from the hem to the collar
  • fold in half lengthwise so pockets are on the outside
  • roll from the hem to the waistband
  • if the dress has sleeves, fold them across the front (like a shirt)
  • fold garment in half lengthwise
  • roll from the bottom hem up
Winter jacket:
  • zip it
  • roll it like a top, squeezing out all the air
  • put a rubber band around it so it won't come undone while you're packing the rest
  • bonus: put it in a pillow case and it makes a nice headrest on the plane
Try zipping that suitcase now. Much better!

Packing checklist you can print at home!

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