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May 30, 2012

Who you pick to photograph your wedding is important. You'll be showing off that wedding album for years to come (Facebook, new friends, kids, grandkids). So we have some tips on how to pick the right photographer as well as making sure the photos turn out beautiful!

1. When you're meeting with potential photographers ask to see photos from 5 or 6 weddings, including photos from the last wedding they did. Photographers typically only show off their best work.

2. The rule is typically 1 photographer per 100 guests. If you're going with just 1 see if they have an assistant (different from a second photographer) who can help set up shots and handle equipment.

3. Picking out the right wedding package can be overwhelming. Try to pick out the one that has the most of what you want (do you really want 100 wallet-sized photos?). You can always order more. Most photographers these days give you a CD so if you want to order more from Walmart you can.

4. Things to include in your contract:
  • Everyone's contact information
  • Dates, times, and addresses of all wedding locations
  • Name of and contact information for a backup photographer
  • Package details
  • Date the proofs will be available
  • Photographer's copyright policy (do they care if you take the CD to Walmart for more prints?)
  • When and how you will receive your album, prints, or CDs
  • Total cost (itemized)
  • Reordering prices
  • Deposit amount
  • Payment due dates
  • Cancellation and refund policy
5. Prior to the wedding show your photographer both flattering and unflattering pictures of you and your fiancé. With their professional eye they'll be able to tell which angles flatter you both. When you're posing try putting your weight on your back leg, stretch out your other leg in front of you, and face the camera. Victoria Beckham is infamous for this striking slimming pose. Ask a friend who isn't in your bridal party to hang around close by with powder and lip gloss for touch ups between pics (this will also make you feel more glamorous).

6. Weddings can be chaotic and 50 things are going on at the same time. The photographer might miss an amazing moment you and your friends had. If it's important to you to catch that moment on film, ask everyone involved to recreate it so the photographer can catch it.

7. Think about renting a photobooth. The picture quality is good, and this will keep your guests entertained as well as giving them something memorable to take home. You can still have a photographer for the wedding and for capturing special moments like cutting the cake and dancing with your dad.

8. You can definitely ask your photographer to dress appropriately for your wedding, but be aware that they need to be comfortable so no tuxedos or ballgowns. Most wear either all black or black pants with a white shirt so they don't stand out.

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