Bridal Showers
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The perfect place for you and your friends to gather in a comfortable formal setting to have food and fun.  Come celebrate your special occasion in style with all the linens, centerpieces and accent lighting to set the mood.  Bring in your food from any vendor of your choice then mingle and enjoy the day.
  • Tables and  Chiavari Chairs
  • Linen Tablecloths and Organza Toppers
  • Floral/candle centerpieces
  • Buffet food tables draped in linens
  • Drink station table draped in linens
  • Coffee, Tea, and Water
  • Plates, Glasses, and Silverware
  • Colored napkins
  • Room Hostess
  • 2 servers*
  • 2 hour use of facility**
  • Additional 1 hour allotted for outside food and vendor drop off
Price varies based on day of the week
Bar & Bistro set-up available

*Additional Servers required for more than 50 guests (1 server/25 guests)
**Additional hours available ask for pricing